Times Almost Up


Seniors, your time is almost up. You are finally here. It’s that time of the year where you realize that there is less than a month to get your act together. What does that mean exactly ? May 1st was the final date to accept any offers that you may have from any school. Scary, right ? 

Wendy Wong said, “I’m both apprehensive and excited. I don’t know how I will feel seeing my new home.”

Students are making it easier for themselves and visiting universities to see if it is the right place for them. Many students before and during spring break have been visiting potential schools. Although many have been in state, there are some students traveling out of state and making visits.

Jorge Aparicio has been on the hunt for the best school for him. Having many options is tough. Over the spring break weekend, he was able to fly over to upstate New York and visit Vassar College, one of the best private schools.

Likewise, Ann Mariel Pacada was able to do fly-ins to both Brown University and Vassar College where she met up with Jorge. She also had the opportunity of visiting Amherst in Massachusetts before spring break started. She explained, “I had the option to visit UCSD, but I ended up choosing Amherst because I’ve never been to Massachusetts before.” Both trips she took were paid by the schools, she just simply had to ask if she could have a grant.

Lisa Nguyen was also able to visit Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, her top choice. “I was able to be a part of Polycultural Weekend at Cal Poly SLO and it was such an amazing experience. It allowed me to see if the school is for me and it was only $30.”  

Students are preparing for college and seeing their new homes for the next four years. To potential upcoming seniors, make sure to take any opportunity to visit any college that give you travel grants or overnight options.

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