Braves Claw the Panthers


PASADENA, CA– On Thursday, April 13, the Baldwin Park High School Braves defeated the Pasadena Panthers for the second time with a successful final score of 14 to 7. The Braves have only one more game until season officially ends.

“Badminton; it’s a new year and new people are coming into the team,” said BPHS sophomore Jasmine Advincula. “Everyone is willing to smile and make memories as the season ends.”

The mixed doubles had some challenging moments during their games, but they pulled through at the end and won. Both Mixed Doubles 1 (Michelle Del Toro and Kevin Chua) and Mixed Doubles 2 (Shwe Nemyo and Jialou Chen) wrecked their opponents. However, Mixed 3 (Lena Do and Alan Le) could not, starting off with a lead of 4 to 1.

Next, the boys’ doubles were out on the court. Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chen and Chua) dominated the courts and pulled in a crowd in both of their games. They are currently undefeated. The Boys’ Doubles 2 (Le and Christopher Lazo) had difficulty earning their points. The Braves only won half the boys doubles games, still in the lead, 6 to 3.

Girls’ doubles, however, redeemed the Braves. Both Girls’ Doubles 1 (Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Sharon Tran and Tiffany Yu) defeated the panthers with very high scores.

The boys’ singles had the toughest time attempting to earn points. Boys’ Singles 1 (Gabriel Musni) and Boys’ Singles 2 (Bai Rong Lin) lost to both the Panther’s boys’ singles. Both are currently sophomores who joined the badminton team last year. Although they both train frequently, they were no match for their opponents, who were seniors who had played for Pasadena throughout high school. The Braves were stretching the lead, 10 to 7.

In girls’ singles, the Braves redeemed the boys’ scores. Girls’ Singles 1 (Tuyen Ho) and Girls’ Singles 2 (Sophia Nguyen) wrecked the Panthers in a short amount of time. The girls didn’t break a sweat at all, ending with a final score of 14 to 7.

“Our games give us a chance to learn new techniques, learn about we can improve on, and it helps us get closer as we cheer on our teammates on the courts,” explained Advincula. The Braves only have one more game to go against Bassett High School once they return from spring break.

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