Speaking of Scholarships


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Wednesday, April 12, students from Baldwin Park High School and Sierra Vista High School were invited to the Baldwin Park Woman’s Club to compete for the Baldwin Park Woman’s Club Liberal Arts Scholarship. A total of five students from Baldwin Park will be chosen by the Woman’s Club to win the scholarship of $1,000 each.

“Opportunities like this one are very important because not only do they give us money to help pay for college but also give us an opportunity to develop skills that would help us in college,” explained senior applicant Marvin Serrano.

At Baldwin Park High School, the scholarship opportunity was made available to all students who are interested in pursuing the liberal arts in college. At the College and Career Center, students picked up packets of information and paperwork to fill out. Applicants had to provide general information about themselves and some tax returns to provide income information. Also, students were informed that they would have to create and present a speech if they made it through the initial paper application process.

Within a week, a total of 14 students from Baldwin Park High School were notified that they made it through the first stage. They were given additional information about what they were to present about themselves and given a few days to create a speech.

On April 10, 12 Braves were taken to the Baldwin Park Woman’s Club to present their speeches to a panel of four judges. These judges were members of the Woman’s Club and were kind and inviting although most of the students were nervous to speak in front of others. Sierra Vista High School also opened this scholarship opportunity to its students and a total of six Dons competed for the scholarship.

The speeches commenced at a little after 1 P.M. Each student was asked to present a two- to three-minute speech about their background, extracurricular activities, college plans, and future goals. Every student had a unique story to tell and revealed a dedication and passion in every word spoken. Once the 18 speeches were given, everyone had a deeper understanding of every other individual in the room.

“At first, I was really nervous about how I was going to perform, but then I realized that everyone else was nervous as well,” expressed senior applicant Jesus Aguilar. “After my performance, I was way more calm.”

At the end, the judges invited the students from both high schools to help themselves to refreshments and mingle until the bus arrived to take them back to school. The judges also  announced that they will be contacting school counselors in May after they decide who the five recipients will be. Until then, the students will rest easy, knowing that they have successfully spoken in public about themselves and have gotten the hardest part of the scholarship over. Now, they simply have to wait.

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