Even Better Food at the Mall


Arcadia, CA– Located in the Santa Anita Mall is Sarku Japan, a traditional Japanese fast food restaurant.

The most popular meal at Sarku is the teriyaki chicken combo with extra chicken, which comes with rice and vegetables, priced around $7.50. After you order your food the chefs prepare your food in front of you, just like in Benihana and areis served hot and fresh  in minutes.

What makes the meal really stand out from a traditional Asian lunch is the teriyaki sauce that is so delicious and rich. The rice is fluffy and good but is a bit on the dry side, the vegetables are steamed well and go great with the rice and chicken.

The chicken tastes fresh and has no muscle or fat tissue giving you nothing but fresh chicken. Top this off with sriracha sauce and a large raspberry ice tea and you are eating very comfortably.

It is hard to say which is better when compared to Ghengis Khan  due to them being two completely different meals. Sarku tastes better and is cheaper, but Ghengis Khan offers a lot of food and great variety. However, Sarku has such an original and delicious flavor that I’d be an idiot to say any other restaurant at the mall is better then Sarku Japan. With that being said I give Sarku a 6.1/5

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