BP Alumni now Business Tycoon


Baldwin Park High School Alumni Ralph Castaneda was able to become a successful business entrepreneur after graduating high school. Ralph started investing and getting into business his sophomore year of high school. The young alumni has already started his own stock market consulting agency.

His favorite teacher and also the teacher who introduced him to investing was Mr. Schmidt. Graduating has been one of his best experiences and he is glad he was able to start his new career. Castaneda has made $20,000 in the first two months of 2017. Furthermore, he has bought a Lamborghini and has an offer sitting close to $100,000 for his agency.

Some tips Casteneda recommends is to read a lot of self-help books. He further states, “Money follows knowledge.”

Castaneda was also a college dropout and while he thinks college is a good option, he believes he made the right choice leaving college to pursue his business.

Castenada states, “Baldwin Park High School helped me find out who I wanted to be in life; did I want to be like the rest of the crowd or create my own path?”

His future goals include becoming a millionaire before reaching 25 years of age and living in Beverly Hills. Overall, Baldwin Park High School’s class of 2016 has had many successful students. We can only see what the future holds for the graduates of 2017.

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