New York Comes to LA


LOS ANGELES, CA — On Sunday, April 9, New York University held a reception for admitted students at the JW Marriott located in L.A. Live.

NYU released its regular decision decisions on March 30 via email. The university followed up by inviting admitted students to an on-campus event, “Weekend on the Square”, scheduled for April 22 and 23. However, the university recognizes that many students are not available or simply cannot afford the commute. For this reason, they also made sure to inform the students of alternate options, with one being the receptions they hold around the world.

NYU’s first stop was Los Angeles, only a cross country distance away from their main campus. The reception was held at one of the ballrooms at the JW Marriott in the heart of LA, just across from the famous Regal theater and the one and only Staples Center.

Although it was not a campus visit, the idea of going to an NYU event terrified me. Going to an event for admits held by a school I’ve admired for so long seemed extremely intimidating. Stepping through the doors of the Marriott, that feeling did not lessen. The lobby was full of the fanciest of business people and every surface was spotless. I suddenly felt like I did not belong and I began to wonder if this is how the reception would feel. I could not have been more wrong.

I found the platinum ballroom where the reception would be held after asking a couple of questions and following the signs welcoming admitted students. The event was impossible to miss. A booth was set up outside of the ballroom’s door, draped in a violet cloth (the school’s signature color) with the NYU torch front and center. The representatives at the table were incredibly welcoming, congratulating me before handing me a booklet and inviting me to sit anywhere in the reception hall.

As all the guests settled down, a compilation video was played of current NYU students describing their experiences and encouraging the admits to choose NYU. Admission counselors took the podium first, congratulating the admits of the class of 2021 and breaking the ice with some fun NYU trivia. They went on to provide some basic and vital information concerning admission and the university. Admission statistics, housing information, details on the individual schools within NYU, and steps to take in order to enroll were the main focus.

Afterward, a current NYU student was invited to speak. Being a California native who took the leap of moving across the country, the speaker provided the students with an appropriate perspective. She described just how she decided between staying in San Diego or making the big move to New York and how she was able to afford choosing NYU.

After the presentations were over, we were all welcomed to speak to our fellow admitted NYU students, or alumni, who were present. Everyone was given the opportunity to ask for advice or to ask any pressing questions.

Attending the NYU reception was truly a memorable experience. It was an amazing way to gain more information which will be of aid in the college process, without the six hour flight.

The reception definitely did not make my college decision any easier, although I ultimately decided not to matriculate at NYU.

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