Braves Conquer the Aztecs


AZUSA, CA — On Monday, April 10, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Badminton team defeated the Azusa Aztecs on Aztec territory, in a close game of 12-9.

“Our game against Azusa was exciting and intense because it was such a close game,” confessed varsity member Lena Do. “I’m happy I contributed to our team’s win.”

In the mixed doubles category, the Braves found formidable opponents in the Aztecs. Only Mixed Doubles 1 (Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro) won one of their two mixed games. Both Mixed Doubles 2 (Jialou Chen and Sharon Tran) and Mixed Doubles 3 (Alan Le and Shwe Nemyo) were unable to pull through and add points to this category. As a result, the Braves were off to a rough start with a score of 4-1.

However, both girls’ and boys’ doubles made up for these early losses with a clean sweep in both categories. Girls’ Doubles 1 (Tiffany Yu and Tran) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Cindy Nguyen and Del Toro) had no trouble winning all of their games. Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chua and Chen) had similar results while Boys’ Doubles 2 (Alan Le and Christopher Lazo) worked hard for their wins, often going to the third set in their games. In total, the Braves earned eight points from the doubles games, bringing the Braves into the lead, 9-4.

“I was afraid of making an error during the game because of my sprained ankle,” expressed team member Lazo. “I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, so I tried calming down to play better.”

In boys’ singles, the Braves were unable to earn a single point against the Aztecs. Despite their determination and hard work, Boys’ Singles 1 (Gabriel Musni) and Boys’ Singles 2 (Bai Rong Lin) could not scrape by with a few more wins for the Braves. Thus, the Aztecs chased closely behind the Braves with a score of 9-8.

On the other hand, the Braves’ girls’ singles teams earned the final three points that brought the Braves to victory. Girls’ Singles 1 (Tuyen Ho) won both of her matches while Girls’ Singles 2 (Do) won one.

At the end of the game, the Braves won a total of 12 games and lost nine, narrowly establishing a victory against the Azusa Aztecs.

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