Braves Feather the Falcons


Montview League Champions Baldwin Park High School’s Varsity Football team continued their 7 game winning streak when they defeated the Duarte Falcons at Duarte High School on November 6, 2015 with a score of 49-20.
The game began with a kickoff by the Braves who played great defense against Duarte and almost immediately forced the Falcons to punt. Baldwin Park had the ball, and Jacob Robles threw a successful pass to Raymen Barraza in the end zone, followed by a successful PAT, 7-0. During their kickoff to the Falcons, Baldwin Park managed to recover the ball on the 24-yard line. Immediately after, Justin Padilla caught the ball and ran into the touchdown zone scoring for the team, 13-0. Not surprisingly the team also successfully completed yet another PAT, 14-0. While the Falcons played offense, Baldwin Park’s defense was superior. The Braves got the 11-6-15-football-Vanguardball back, scored another unanswered touchdown, this time by Nate Salcedo, and PAT, 21-0.
During the second quarter, the Falcons caught a long pass leading to a touchdown, 21-6. Immediately after, Baldwin Park put pressure on Duarte, forcing an unsuccessful PAT. At the end of the second half, Baldwin Park continued playing good defense but was bombarded with penalties. This was followed by a touchdown from Duarte and another failed PAT attempt, 21-12.
At the start of the second half, the Braves scored another touchdown and PAT, 28-12. Soon after, Nate Salcedo was injured, leading to his absence on the field. The team then had trouble scoring without their teammate, but managed to pull through when Luis Flores came to the rescue with a touchdown, followed by a PAT, 35-12.
In the final quarter of the game, Raymen Barraza scored his second touchdown of the game after catching a successful pass in the end zone, 41-12. Yet again, the team scored an extra point with a successful PAT. With Baldwin Park in a major lead, Duarte scored a touchdown with a pass, followed by a 2 point conversion, 42-20. The last touchdown of the game occurred when Luis Flores ran his second touchdown while dragging the opposite team’s player with him, 48-20. Following this play was a PAT, creating the final score of the game, 49-20.
With an obvious win, the team still ended the game strong and played hard. Sadly, Gio Velasquez was also injured while running an amazing defense for his team. In spite of the absence of Salcedo and Velasquez in next week’s first CIF game, the team will continue to play to win and pull together, as always.

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