Baldwin Park High School Talent


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On March 15, a reception was held at ARC with snacks and drinks for those who came to see the student artwork from Baldwin Park High School. The art featured was that of students from Ms. Milnes’s photography classes and both Mrs. Blume and Mr. Davidson art classes and Ms. Altenau’s ceramics classes.

Serena Hernandez expressed her feelings about her art being displayed, saying, “It seems cool. And it feels professional. It makes you feel like you’re grown up.”

Many students were in attendance for the first time, even though the art had been displayed since the 12th of March. Only those which the teachers found extraordinary were shown. The excitement was felt as students proudly pointed out which piece was theirs.

Mrs. Altenau explained how the art that is displayed is chosen. She said, “We try to find outstanding examples of outstanding artworks. You see the care and their artist talent shines through. And that’s why it is here.”

The art show featured different mediums. There was photography, there was mandalas, ceramic pieces, pencil drawings, zentangles, pointillism pieces, and many more. Each art piece was sectioned based on what they were. Every wall in the ARC was covered with a different type of art piece.

Some of the pieces could even be bought for a range of $15-$25.The artist was able to choose whether or not they wanted it to be sold.

Mr. Ippolito, who was also in attendance, expressed, “I always am impressed at what our students see in the world and recreate from what they see.Their talent is unbelievable. Some of these, I could never do myself.”

The student artwork will be available until April 15 at the ARC. Make sure to go out and support our fellow Braves and maybe even buy a piece or two.

“It’s always great to see the potential of our students because their is a lot of potential at Baldwin Park High School,” revealed Mr. Ippolito.

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