Open to Close the Year


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Thursday, April 6, Baldwin Park High School had its annual Open House School Festival from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Students and their families were invited to visit the campus to see the various extracurricular activities the school has to offer, such as clubs and sports. Colorful balloons, pinwheels, and posters were decorated around the school walls and the mini booths.

“From what I saw, it was a pretty good turnout and what caught my eye were the windmills and ceramic flowers,” stated BPHS junior Joaquin Miranda.

The BPHS Open House started right on time at 5:00 PM. Tables and chairs were still being set out when families entered the school. The Braves showcased their various clubs such as Sports Medicine, Track, Swim and Water Polo, Chinese Culture, and Anime club. They sold snacks and drinks like chips and boba. Old yearbooks were also being sold for $15. The lively atmosphere matched well with the music being played. Everyone was with their friends walking around and stopping by a couple of the booths.

The gym was brightly lit, holding a mini fair that preserved the art, projects, and other works of students. Parents and students got to walk around and chat with the teachers, asking them many questions about the classes. Other clubs also had sign-up sheets to recruit more interested members. Both the gym and hallways were very crowded with people just as the booths were filled with posters and robots.

Certain classrooms were open for visits, but hardly anyone came because of the presentations in the school gym and quad area. There were lovely flower ceramics outside of the art classrooms but they were hidden from view and were difficult to see. They were carefully crafted and deserved better recognition.

“It was centralized in one area because everyone was in the quad and did not get to see other projects in other classrooms,” Miranda explained about the flowers.

Around 6:00 PM, the BPHS Band and Orchestra performed in front of a live audience near the stage of the gym, earning them rounds of applause. After the performances, the activities on campus started to die down and the booths slowly cleaned up. Open House served to be another successful event for the school year.

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