Singing Notes With Rachel Park


Photo by BPHS Senior Andrea Avalos

BALDWIN PARK, CA — BPHS senior Rachel Park has has only lived in Baldwin Park for this past school year, but she has made a name for herself with her musical capabilities. Many of Mrs. Wong’s AP Literature students know her for some of the original music she created for a few class projects. She also performed during this school year’s annual Talent Show. Originally from Illinois, this talented musician was quick to make friends, especially through her passion for music.

Park with her two loves: her guitar and beloved dog, Coco.

“She is really quick on her feet with lyrics,” observed Cynthia Flores, an AP Literature student and recent fan of Park’s music.

Park considered picking up her first instrument in seventh grade. After seeing a homeless man perform some musical pieces on a guitar in Chicago, Park was inspired to try to pick up a guitar and perhaps to learn to play it on her own. She begged her doubtful mother to buy a guitar for her and eventually began to take classes.

“So I would go to some Community Recreational Center and practice there for about one month, and then I eventually surprised my mom, showing her I learned,” explained Park.

Park continued strumming and fretting, but eventually broadened her musical horizons by learning the drums and ukulele. Currently, she’s learning how to play the harmonica, but the guitar remains her preferred instrument.

When it comes to songwriting, Park does not have a set process or ritual. She prefers to write parodies, as she had done with her Beowulf project for AP Literature. She also likes to put lyrics to different parts of her personal life, such as her big move to California.

“It’s important to me because the music I write and play all comes from what’s happening to me at the moment,” Park confessed. “It’s like a healthy outlet, emotional release.”

Park does not believe that she will actively pursue music in the future, but she plans to continue pursuing music as a hobby.

“It’s just something that helps me relieve stress,” admitted Park. “If there is ever a time someone approaches me, asking me to record, I wouldn’t turn it down. It’s like a fantasy, a huge dream.”

Regardless of what the future may have in store for Rachel Park, her musical talent will remain vivid in the minds of all those who had a chance to experience her performances.

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