Braves Maul the Gladiators


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, April 4, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Badminton team scraped by the Gladstone Gladiators on home territory in a close match with a score of 12-9.

“Noticing a change in Gladstone’s lineup, the team decided to play how we usually did and earn a win,” said BPHS junior Cindy Nguyen. “However, some games didn’t turn out as planned. Although our game wasn’t the best and some results were unexpected, we still maintained our winning streak and won.”

In mixed doubles, the Braves found themselves well-matched with the Gladiators. While Mixed Doubles 1 (Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro) and Mixed Doubles 3 (Alan Le and Lena Do) each won one mixed match, Mixed Doubles 2 (Jialou Chen and Shwe Nemyo) could not overcome the formidable challenge posed by Gladstone’s Mixed Doubles. In this category, the Braves earned only two points, starting the game with a 3 to 2 score.

However, the Braves’ Doubles teams worked hard to recover the points lost by the earlier matches. Both Girls’ Doubles 1 (Tiffany Yu and Sharon Tran) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Cindy Nguyen and Del Toro) won their games, earning another four points for the Braves. While Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chua and Chen) won both of their games, Boys’ Doubles 2 scraped by and defeated only Gladstone’s Boys’ Doubles 2 team, earning the Braves another three points, stretching the lead to 6 to 3.

Unfortunately, the Braves struggled to keep up with the Gladiators in the boys’ singles category. Both Boys’ Singles 1 (Gabriel Musni) and Boys’ Singles 2 (Bai Rong Lin) lost both of their games against Gladstone. Although both players found themselves close to winning at certain points, the Gladiators were now ahead, 7 to 6.

The Braves Girls’ Singles’ performances made up for the Boys’ Single’s losses. While Girls’ Singles 1 (Tuyen Ho) won both of her matches, Girls’ Singles 2 (Sophia Nguyen) came extremely close to winning both of her games but ultimately only won one. In this category, the Braves earned three more points, ending with 12 to 9.

By the end of the game, the Braves won a total of 12 matches and lost 9, maintaining their undefeated streak.

“The entire team should train harder and improve their weaknesses. We can do so by drilling, doing more footwork, and running,” concluded Cindy Nguyen.

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