Why to Visit the Huntington Library


Bored but adventurous? Travel down to the Huntington Library! The Huntington Library is located in San Marino and can be reached by taking the 178 Foothill bus heading towards the El Monte Station and then the 267 bus towards Pasadena.

The Huntington Library provides an insight on American and European art and literature, as well as various gardens. Many of those gardens have a theme. For instance, there are the Japanese and Chinese gardens that allow you to feel like you are walking through ancient Japan and China. There is a Desert garden as well that gives such a desert feel that leaves you feeling extremely hot.

The Huntington Library only has an admission fee of $18 for students and $23 for adults. Of course, you can also get the Huntington Library membership to get a discounted price and different offers.

The Huntington Library is great for nature lovers and those who cannot stand sitting at home and just watching TV. You can find endless birds flying around and koi fish swimming around in the lily ponds. You can also see swans and ducks roaming around. Turtles are also sun bathing by the ponds.

You do not have to just spend your day in the sun either. There are plenty of museums that feature art and literature pieces by famous authors like Henry David Thoreau and Shakespeare (and they are all air-conditioned). Likewise, there is museum that features portraits of Mr. Huntington himself.  The American Art Gallery features artists like Mary Cassatt and Frederic Edwin Church.  The European Art galleries features Renaissance paintings and sculptures with a collection of 18th-century French sculpture, tapestries, porcelain, and furniture.

The Huntington Library provides both an adventurous feel and educational opportunity fro people of all ages.


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