Future Brave Leaders


Baldwin Park High School’s student government helps the school run smoothly. ASB members take part in organizing school dances, spirit weeks, rallies, fundraisers, and many of the much-anticipated senior events.

“I hope to receive candidates for next year that are willing to continue the legacy that this year’s ASB made and continues to do good for the school,” shared current ASB president Evelyn Montenegro.

ASB students are always staying busy, whether it be painting giant posters or hosting fun brunch rallies. Braves in ASB are involved in most school activities and get the creative freedom of putting together many of them. With no doubt, ASB is one of the most ideal ways to stay involved in your school and allows students to take a hands-on approach in shaping the high school experience, not only for themselves but for the entire student body.

The ASB class becomes a family, as they constantly have to work together both during school and outside school, sometimes late into the night or even at the crack of dawn. Being in the student government is a great experience, but it is a serious responsibility. Because of this, students who are interested cannot just request for the class to be on their schedule. Interested Braves must go through a process and must be accepted. They must complete an application and attend an interview; however, with all of the welcoming and friendly Braves involved in the process, it should not be too intimidating.

Applications, like most school documents, could be picked up at the ASB office by anyone who was interested, commitment-free. Fellow ASB members, Keoni Hilo and Evelyn Montenegro, continued to remind the entire student body during the morning announcements to pick up an application if they were in any way interested in becoming a part of ASB.

Applications for next year’s ASB class were due on Friday, April 7. Interviews will be held the following week, with applicants usually being told on-the-spot if they have earned a place in next year’s class.

Montenegro hopes that next year’s class will be full of creative and ambitious Braves. “I hope we get candidates that are spirited, fun and have lots of great ideas.”

ASB is part of having a unique high school experience. It keeps students incredibly involved, teaches initiative and leadership, pushes students to be creative, and, if we’re being honest, helps students look good in their college applications.

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