Finishing Strong?


Baldwin Park High School is entering its last grading period. Approximately six weeks are left in school and students are trying to survive. Teachers are kicking it into high gear because they are preparing students for their finals and AP testing.

President Evelyn Montenegro sums up the last couple of weeks perfectly. She explains, “The last grading period is the time where all the underclassmen prepare for summer break and all the seniors finally understand that high school is over.” Personally, President Ev does not believe her time at Baldwin Park is coming to an end. “I personally haven’t wrapped the idea around my head that there’s only six weeks left of school. I’m just trying to make the best out of it and pass all my classes with A’s.”

Other people might share the same mindset as Mekenna Hernadez. “I’m honestly just trying to pass at this point.” Hernadez is done with high school and ready for bigger and better things, as she states, “I can’t wait to graduate and start going to college.”

Richard Perez is striving to bring up his grades this last grading period. “I’m trying more to bring up my grades because I want my last high school grading period to be my best.” When asked how he wanted to end his high school career, he said, “I want to go out with a bang.”

Erik Garcia is in survival mode for his last grading period in high school, since he’s infected with senioritis. “I am honestly just trying to get by; senioritis has kicked in and taken over, so as long as I don’t get more than one or two C’s for not trying I’m good.”

The last grading period struggle affects Apex students as well. Cyrus Rodriguez explained his stress. “My thoughts on the last grading period are that it’s stressful and there’s a lot of pressure on me, considering I’m finishing two years in one and I’m just trying to pass to be honest,” explained Rodriguez.

Students that have been accepted to colleges are trying to maintain their high GPA’s. Jesus Aguilar is no exception as he realizes his time in high school is nearing an end. “I’m trying to finish off strong and to maintain my grades for college. Last six weeks of high school, gotta go all out!”

Sarai Espinoza is a freshman and focusing on passing her classes. “The last grading period means the school year is almost over. I don’t want to mess up and have to retake any classes.”

The last grading period marks the end of another great school year, but for seniors it marks the beginning of their futures.

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