Panthers Clawed By Braves


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On March 23, the Badminton Braves took on the Pasadena Poly Panthers beating them 16-5 in a game that wasn’t as easy for them as others had been.

“It was rumored that they had improved, which they did, and it was scary playing them at first,” explained Michele Del Toro about the Panthers.

In Mixed Doubles Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro once again pulled through winning both their matches. It was evident that those game were not as easy to win as others because Pasadena Poly was still able to get a lot of points. Chua and Del Toro barely scraped through with scores of 21-18 and 21-19 in the first match and 21-15 and 21-19 in their second match. Luckily, they missed having to play tie breakers. Jimmy Chen and Shwe Nemyo also seemed to struggle a bit, but likewise succeeded in winning. Their second match, however, led to tie breaker, which they won with 21-9. Alan Le and Lena Do had a less successful game, losing their only match. The score was now 4 to 1.

In the boys doubles, Chua and Chen continued their winning streak winning both matches, 21-19 and 21-13 on their first match and 21-13 and 21-11 in the second match. Chris Lazo and Alan Le kept up with Chua and Chen, wining both matches which both led to tie breakers. Girls doubles teams did not let the team down either. Both double teams, Sharon Tran and Tiffany Yu as first doubles and Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen as second doubles, won both of their matches. It was BP’s match with the score being 12 to 1.

The boys singles had the most trouble. Both Boys doubles, Gabiel Musni and Bai Ron Lin, lost both of their matches. The girls singles, however, made up for the boys losing. Both Tuyen Ho and Sophia Nguyen beat their opponents. The final score was 16-5, BP.

“Besides the fact that I was nervous,” explained Del Toro, “the team and I still managed to pull a win.”

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