GSA Book Club


November 17, 2015

Braves are getting interested in books. The Gay-Straight Alliance is beginning to read.

Ms. Humason, the adviser for GSA, had the idea of starting a book club as a subset of GSA . Members will have the opportunity to read books that they will be able to relate to. The first book the Book Club is reading is “Hero” by Perry Moore.

Perry Moore is a gay screenwriter and author who aimed to write a superhero story that focused on a homosexual hero. The book deals with themes of acceptance and growing up within the context of a world filled with superpowers.

Many members who have finished the book already praise it such as Bianca Nevarez “I loved it, because its kind of a Sci fi kind of thing but at the same time it kind of deals with things that normal people do.”

When asked about her reason for starting a book club, Ms. Humason said, “We’re just exposing people to more young adult literature that actually features positive LGBTQ people.”

If you want to learn more about the book club, the Gay-Straight Alliance holds their meetings every Thursday in Room 511, and will be meeting on December 3rd afterschool to discuss “Hero.”

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