Braves Outshine the Olympians


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Thursday, March 30, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Badminton team defeated the Bassett Olympians on Brave territory with a score of 14-7.

“I believe it’s our team spirit that allowed us to win such a well-matched game,” explained varsity member Tiffany Yu.

The Braves dominated in the mixed doubles category. All mixed teams — Mixed Doubles 1 (Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro), Mixed Doubles 2 (Jialou Chen and Shwe Nemyo), and Mixed Doubles 3 (Alan Le and Lena Do) — won their matches. These victories won the Braves their first five points early in the game.

Baldwin Park’s girls’ doubles teams similarly swept the floor with victories left and right. Both Girls’ Doubles 1 (Yu and Sharon Tran) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Cindy Nguyen and Del Toro) won their matches, earning the Braves another four points, 9-1.

However, the boys’ doubles category did not seem to have this much luck. While Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chua and Chen) won both of their matches, Boys’ Doubles 2 (Le and Christopher Lazo) struggled valiantly but lost both of their matches. These results put another two points on the Braves’ scoreboard, 11-3.

During this game, the boys’ singles teams failed to perform at their desired levels. Both Boys’ Singles 1 (Bai Rong Lin) and Boys’ Singles 2 (Le) lost both of their matches, leaving the Braves with a solid score, 11-6.

The girls’ doubles category faced its own upset in an entirely different fashion. Girls’ Singles 1 (Tuyen Ho), who had been undefeated throughout the season, was unexpectedly beaten by Bassett’s Girls’ Singles 1 after an intense match that put many Olympians and Braves at the edge of their seats. However, Ho won her second game easily. This win added with the victories of Girls’ Singles 2 (Sophia Nguyen) earned the Braves their final three points.

At the end of the game, the Braves won a total of 14 games and lost seven. With this victory, Baldwin Park’s Varsity Badminton continued to remain undefeated, working quickly and hopefully towards another league title.

“I am very honored and happy to be a part of a team that is working so hard to reach a goal,” admitted Yu, when asked about her feelings towards the varsity team’s performance this year.

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