Why a Hamster? (WITH MEMES!!!)

Chanel the hamster, named after Frank Oceans latest song Chanel

Hamsters were originally from the deserts of Syria, Russia and China and  have now been domesticated to be one of the best pets. Just like most other pets, they are great companions for their owners. Here are some reasons why to buy a hamster.

1. Hamsters are very cost efficient due to them being priced around $13. Even hamster essentials are cheap. A cage is priced around $15 with a wheel. Hamster food is significantly cheaper priced at around $5 a month when compared to dog and cat food which is around $35 a month.

2. Hamsters are also low maintenance and sleep through most of the day, so you do not have to worry about taking them out for a walk.

3. Hamsters are also very clean and keep themselves tidy. NOTE: hamsters should never be given baths because it can cause them to get sick and die and removes their oils on their furs.

4.  Furthermore, hamsters are very fun to watch while they spin on their wheels and do their little hamster shenanigans.

5.  Hamsters can be left alone for a couple of days, which is neat if you go on vacation and don’t have anyone to take care of them.

6. Hamsters are very friendly and like to cuddle with their owners.

When buying a hamster, it is best to buy the Syrian hamster because they are friendlier and great for beginners. However, Syrians cannot be housed with other hamsters and should be kept separate unless breeding. Robovonski Hamsters and Russian hamsters can be housed together but are a bit more difficult to tame.

In conclusion, hamsters are a great addition to the homes of just about anyone and are just a great pet overall.

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