Prom? Prom.


BPHS juniors and seniors have Prom around the corner and the clock is ticking with only a few weeks left until the huge event.

“I haven’t even started shopping,” stated senior Destinee Argomaniz.

Prom shopping is still a shock to most of the Braves attending. Shopping is not all that easy. A thought going through their minds is, “What if they show up wearing the same thing?” and “Who wore it better?” Some fellow peers might go a certain distance just to find what they like elsewhere, like Los Angeles, El Monte, or even all the way to Ontario to see different malls.

“I bought my dress yesterday. It was stressful because I know I’m not the average size but those people were so mean. But then I went to this place where my sister bought hers and the people were nicer and I found one that was cute and was sort of how I wanted it,” stated an anonymous Brave.

A store Braves are currently interested in is WINDSOR in the West Covina Mall. Some salespeople are not the nicest but there are always other options. Some Braves not only go shopping once or twice but a couple of times to see if they have more options. It sounds difficult to pick through different colors and styles. Getting the right outfit for prom only gets easier once you know your size, color, and what style you have in mind.

Besides just shopping for a dress, not only are girls going to shop for one thing. Shopping is a whole different story when you go with your friends. Makeup is a must have for girls because it is a day that they can feel elegant and beautiful. For most elegant evenings, getting someone to do your makeup and hair in a single place together is hard to find because some artists have a certain specialty and will focus mainly on one thing.

Going through stores and passing by them might actually make getting your nails done look like a need to complete the whole “prom look” because they are so many extras lik ethe designs, bling, and all the colors you can pick from.

Most girls believe that boys going shopping for what they need is not hard at all but keep in mind that they have to get a tux to match their date, a corsage, get a haircut, look for a nice place to take her to eat maybe before or after prom.

“Prom shopping isn’t as hard for guys as it is for girls because I found my suit in the first store that I looked into,” commented senior Giovanni Orrante.



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