Be Your Own Fairy Godmother



Tired of going to Windsor every weekend to look for a prom dress? Can’t stop wincing at the outrageous prices? Having nightmares about showing up in the same dress as someone else?

Well, here is the solution for you: make your own prom dress! Now, I know this isn’t a typical 90’s rom-com, but making your own dress saves a lot of money and is extremely doable.

However, the following ways you can use to create your own prom dress do require some knowledge of how to sew or use a sewing machine. Because of this need for prior knowledge, not everyone can create their own prom dress, but if you’re really interested in standing out and avoiding clashing with someone else, a quick tutorial video on YouTube can easily get you informed.

To those who are ambitious, dress sewing patterns are the way to go. These patterns can typically be found at craft and fabric stores. With patterns, you don’t have to build the dress completely from scratch but you would still have the experience of creating a dress from nothing but fabric and thread. If you’re lucky, the sewing pattern package usually gives tips and tricks on how to go about making your dress. For example, certain dresses look best with certain fabrics and the sewing pattern packages advise which fabrics are the best to use, especially if you’re going for a specific look.

But let’s say you’re an extremely ambitious, rebellious rule breaker and no sewing pattern can hold you down. That’s okay, too — You can try to create an original dress that is born completely from your middle school prom fantasies. Unless you’re Vera Wang herself, do not attempt to build a dress without any guidance at all. It is highly encouraged to use a simpler or cheaper dress as a basis for your prom dress.

Perhaps find an older dress and build your dream dress on top of it. This method of creating your own dress not only saves you time but ensures that the size fits perfectly if not snugly, helping you overcome the “right-dress-wrong-size” phenomenon known to all prom dress shoppers.

The key to creating your own prom dress is being meticulous and careful. Almost everything matters — the type of fabric, the measurements, the type of sewing needles, the thickness of the thread, the dust-to-air ratio of the room, the room temperature — everything must be perfect.

With all of this knowledge, go out and create that one-of-a-kind prom dress fit for a pumpkin carriage, a midnight ball, and — most importantly — royalty like yourself.


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