Let’s Hear it for Footloose


On March 23, the BPHS drama department’s production of Footloose opened at the Performing Arts Center. The cast performed on the stage a total of five times with a middle school performance on the 22, 7 PM shows from the 23-25, and a 2 PM matinee on the 25.

“It started off slow, but then the funny one, the silly one was really funny and he just made me laugh. I had a good time because of him,” commented former tech member Rudy Munoz on watching the show from the audience and his favorite character, Willard Hewitt.

The musical chosen by the drama department for the spring season was announced in November. Auditions were held following Thanksgiving break and rehearsals began immediately after. The cast rehearsed after school nearly every day from mid-December until tech week- the week of the performances.

The musical adaptation of Footloose follows the same premise as the original movie adaptation. Ren McCormack and his mother, Ethel, are forced to pack up their bags and leave Chicago after Ren’s father walks out on them. To city boy Ren’s dismay, his mom takes them to Bomont, a small town where his aunt and uncle reside. Ren at first hopes that he will be able to survive a year in this town, until he discovers that dancing is against the law. He soon realizes that Reverend Moore is the supreme law of this town and quickly clashes with him when he becomes involved with his daughter, secret wild child Ariel. Ren becomes a savior for the kids of Bomont and they all begin to count on him to bring dancing, and life, back to Bomont.

BPHS junior Isaiah Marquez played Ren opposite senior Angela Silva’s Ariel. Senior Emily Baeza made her BPHS debut as Vi Moore, wife to Reverend Moore, who was played by senior Greg Arias. The rest of the main cast consisted of Brianna Ibarra as Ariel’s best friend Rusty, Allura Agra as Urleen, Nathalie Vera as Wendy Jo, Edward Rodriguez as Willard Hewitt, and Stella Acosta as Ethel.

The cast and crew gave every performance their all, especially on Saturday night, despite having spent eleven hours straight at the PAC. The show was full of solos, such as “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” and “Heaven Help Me”, that showcased some of BP’s greatest talents and energetic numbers, “Footloose” and “Holding Out for a Hero,, that allowed the ensemble to shine.

After the finale of the show and bows, the cast had a surprise for the audiences. The “Megamix”, which combined all of the numbers from the show into one, was “spontaneously” performed every night. Cast members even went out into the audience.

“My first experience was pretty amazing, just like having everyone together. I’ve never danced in front of people before so like to know that I actually danced on stage, that was pretty fun,” said Ibarra, who took on her first role on stage this year.

Per tradition, after Thursday’s bows the cast brought up the assistant choreographer, Tory Freeth, and thanked her with a gift basket. They did the same for Brittany Freeth, the main choreographer, after Saturday’s matinee. Saturday night was especially important. After the show, the cast and crew thanked Mrs. Nitschke and then spotlighted the seniors in Drama, giving them each some roses. Everyone who took part in the production then took group pictures up on the platforms used for the show, with seniors taking time to enjoy one of their final days at the PAC.

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