Although it’s barely March, a handful of memes have already taken over the internet this year. The most recent joke that has been done to death on the internet, especially on Twitter, is the one poking some fun at the student athletes across the nation.

“I think they are very realistic of how people take those jokes. Some people, that’s all they have in their bios. It’s kind of funny,” commented BPHS senior and grinding student athlete Erik Flores.

The joke was set off by the generic tweets that most athletes see as relatable. Sports accounts on Twitter constantly post tweets complaining about how much harder student athletes have it compared to “regular” students or how non-athletes just don’t understand the struggle. People even tweeted modified grading scales by which they claimed student athletes should be evaluated.

Like anything on Twitter, these tweets set off arguments, with some claiming student athletes carry a bigger load while others defended non-athletes saying that these students also have extracurricular activities.

Also like anything on Twitter, these controversial tweets soon became one massive joke. The earliest tweets imitated the typical student athlete tweets and Twitter bios, making fun of how student athletes can’t help but remind everyone they talk to about how athletic they are. Most tweets include an “RIP Grandpa” and a generic bible citation that inspires these athletes to never stop #grinding.

The tweets are all in good fun but are accurate enough to hit home. The student athletes have completely taken over the internet, with everyone participating with them. Hopefully to the relief of any student athlete with a sensitive heart, the jokes have spun off to target every kind of student, most notably student actors.

When asked if the jokes got to him in any way, Flores showed the carefree attitude that everyone should have, saying, “No. I think they’re all in good fun cause I don’t do that, so it shouldn’t offend me.”

Whether you feel targeted by these jokes or you love taking part in them, no one can deny the grind.

Just share it.