Sandwichin’ with Service


ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA– On Saturday, March 25, Division 35 West held its last Division Council Meeting (DCM) as a joint-DCM at Thomas Burton Park from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It was with Division 35 West (Seals) and East (Elephants) combined.

The Lieutenant Governors (LTG) of each division were extremely overjoyed that all the Elephants and Seals came out to help out. The Key Clubbers’ service opportunity was to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to the Action Food Pantry.

“Glad to have spent my Saturday with the division I love like family, and more glad I got to meet new friends,” exclaimed Jay Zhou, fellow Key Clubber from Division 35 East. “I would like to say thank you to everyone for their kindness and compassion that has made me fall in love with this organization and everyone in it.”

The DCM lasted only until 11:00 AM but the service opportunity and social continued for the rest of the time. The weather was cloudy and chilly but many Key Clubbers showed up in warm sweaters, ready to help out.

“I would like to thank Dylan (Division 35 West LTG) for leading a successful 2016-2017 term,” Zhou said. “My heart will always be with everyone. The highlight of my day was seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

After everything was completed and settled, the members socialized, took pictures, and caught up with old friends they hadn’t seen in awhile. Because of these Key Club events, members were able to create and live out special moments they get to cherish forever.

“Thank you for being the best strings of DCMs,” expressed Dylan Tran. “Thanks for putting up with me at events and thank you for coming out despite the DCM being a little shaky. Seeing everyone still be happy to volunteer and interact with others is great. The next term is off to a very very great start!” He continued to thank every member and officer he worked closely with since April in 2016. As Dylan steps down, Guy Suankaew will take over in April.

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