Braves Stomped by the Colts


COVINA, CA– On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Baldwin Park Braves Boys Tennis Team played on the Covina High School tennis courts, with the final score being 18-3, with Covina victorious.

The first matches started with singles 1, Bryan Moran, losing his first match, 6-1. The same results occurred to singles 3, Erik Garcia, who lost against their singles 3. Singles 2, Johan Aguero started off to a bad start, messing up on his slices and his serves which led to him getting bageled.

Doubles fell short on their games as well, Doubles 1, Rudy Salas and Jonathan Frias, came up with a score of, 6-0 with Covina’s doubles 1 as the winners of that set. Jose Ventura and Armando Rodriguez, played doubles 2 this game and tried their best but came out with a score of 6-0, Braves losing. Ruben Vergara and Adan Ornelas started off their game to a good start with them ahead 1-0, but the other team turned things around and took the victory.

Moran was able to pick up his game but was still outclassed when it came to technique and lost both of his games 6-4. E Garcia was able to get a point on Covina’s singles 1 but came out flat when he faced singles 2. Singles 2, Johan Guerrero, stepped up his game and was able to get his slice serve down, allowing him to take down the Covina sub who was put in place of singles 1 with a score of 6-4.

Aguerro last game came out to overtime with both he and his opponent, Covina’s singles 3, going into deuce multiple times. Aguerro was able to finish off the game and win by a score of 7-5, thanks to his signature hit. Sophomore Johan Aguero commented, ” I don’t think I did my best this game. If my shoulder wasn’t hurt I could have done a lot better, but it was a good game.”

Unfortunately, doubles 2, Jose Ventura and Armando Rodriguez were bageled on all of their games but did make in some good spikes.  Frias and Salas also got bageled by Covina’s doubles 2, who had a player that is 6 foot 4. However, the duo managed to score two points on doubles 3 and played well on serves.

Ruben Vergara and Adan Ornelas were bailed when faced off against Covina  doubles 2 who relied more on net game unlike their doubles 1 who focused more on serves. Adan and Ruben were then subbed out for Brandon Cruz and Raul Garcia who made one point against their doubles 1 and were able to return their fast serve.

Overall, the final score of the game was 18-3 with the Covina Colts as the winners. BPHS Coach Escarrega said “I think the boys did good, we need to work on serves and focus more on technique as well.”

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