Baldwin Park High School seniors only have a couple of months left until they leave high school. This period is usually the time senioritis kicks in.

Andrew Munoz believes everyone is affected by senioritis. “I think senioritis is just a form of procrastination that affects every student throughout every level of their high school career.” He later described how everyyear he went through a procrastination phase near the end of the every school year.

Teachers have seen senioritis take affect on many students. Mrs. Casburn stated, “I will continue teaching until the day the students leave. I have a curriculum  to cover and if students want to go down that bad path to hurting your grade that is their fault.”

Senioritis gets to people who never thought that it would hit them. “Senioritis is something that I would never think would hit me,” expressed Vanessa Soriano. She continued to describe how it has affected her, “It has affected me because the idea that it is my last year and I’m already committed to a college governs my decision to whether or not I should do a certain assignment, study for a test, etc.”

ASB President Evelyn Montenegro expressed that she has been suffering from senioritis since junior year. “I’ve honestly had senioritis since the beginning of junior year. But it really hit me second semester of senior year bad. I get super lazy to do any of my work and study for any quizzes, but I  still have to manage.” The tiredness is truly showing as seniors would rather nap than do homework.

Second semester of senior year is such a struggle with trying to keep your grades up for colleges. “It has affected me because I felt as if I had everything under control and now I’m struggling to keep everything together,” stated Cyrus Rodriguez. He later said that senioritis does affect everyone.”My thoughts on senioritis are that it is a very serious topic that affects every single student at one point in their senior year.”

Other seniors are just doing everything they can to graduate. Lisa Nguyen said, “I think senioritis is real and it has hit me, but I’m just trying to graduate.” Let’s hope all the seniors graduate high school and not let senioritis get the best of them.

The last couple of months of high school seem to be the most stressful time, but seniors need to push through it and finish strong to graduate.


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