All Night, Grad Nite


Like every senior class, the class of 2017 will be celebrating their Grad Nite at the Disney Parks in Anaheim on May 6. This year’s seniors will be spending almost an entire day at the happiest place on earth.

“I wanted to go to Grad Nite because I think it’s part of the experience,” shared senior Vanessa Soriano. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance really, to go with your class and spend all day at Disneyland.”

Grad Nite could have been paid off as early as the registration day. Tickets began to be sold by ASB in February. They quickly began to encourage seniors to purchase their tickets as early as possible since the deadline was March 15.

In order to secure their spots on one of the buses, seniors had to get a permission slip filled out and make a payment of $120 without ASB or $115 with ASB. The full amount had to be paid at once and no one but BPHS seniors are allowed to attend. Absolutely no guests are permitted.

By senior year, most students have a set group of friends which they have survived high school with; however, this may cause some conflict when it comes to buying tickets. Buses serve as the transportation for Grad Nite and the order in which students buy their tickets determines which of the multiple buses they must ride in. Friends must collect their money and buy their tickets at the same time if they do not want to be on a bus without any of their buddies.

The buses will be leaving between 8AM and 9AM on Saturday morning on May 6. The buses will return the attending seniors to BPHS at 4AM the following morning. Everyone in attendance will definitely get the full Disney experience as they will have nearly 24 hours to go to both parks and cover as much ground as possible. The California Adventures Park will be closed early to the general public, at which point all the seniors, from BPHS and the other multiple high school in attendance, will be herded into the California park.

“I’m excited. I’m looking forward for World of Color,” said Soriano.

Grad Nite is one of the most notable perks that comes with senior year. Spending hours upon hours in the most magical place on earth will definitely be a great reward for seniors who will have just finished up the first week of their last AP exams. With Grad Nite and prom being scheduled just a week apart, May is sure to be an exciting month for the class of 2017.

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