Braves Destroy the Warriors


LA PUENTE, CA– On Thursday, March 16, the Baldwin Park High School Badminton team dominated La Puente High School with a final score of 20-1 on Warrior territory.

“I tried my best to win the games and I know my team did so too,” stated BPHS sophomore Bai Rong Lin.

The mixed doubles went first to start off the games. Mixed Doubles 1 (Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro) won both of their games. Mixed Doubles 2 (Jialou Chen and Shwe Nemyo) won their two games as well, fortunately with La Puente’s mixed doubles 1 forfeiting a game. Mixed Doubles 3 (Alan Le and Lena Do) added an extra point for the Braves. Do usually plays girls singles, but wanted to try out something new, especially with easier opponents.

After, the boys doubles were put out. Boys Doubles 1 (Chen and Chua) had to play only one game because the Warrior’s Boys Doubles 2 forfeited their game. Boys Doubles 2 (Le and Christopher Lazo) defeated both the Warriors’ Boys Doubles 1 and 2.

Girls Doubles 1 (Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen) and Girls Doubles 2 (Sharon Tran and Tiffany Yu) all won their four games against the Warriors, earning more points.

The Braves’ Boys Singles 1 (Lin) lost against the Warrior’s Boys Singles 2, after being tired out throughout the match. However, he did beat Boys Singles 1. BPHS Boys Singles 2 (Gabriel Musni) won both of his games, amazingly with three sets each match.

The Braves’ girls singles also added four extra points to the scoreboard. Girls Singles 1 (Sophia Nguyen) and Girls Singles 2 (Tuyen Ho) defeated their opponents easily.

“Everyone is willing to make memories as the season goes on,” revealed BPHS sophomore Jasmine Advincula.

The lineup was changed for the benefit of the team’s chance of victory. The Braves’ junior varsity also defeated the Warriors with an impressive score of 21-0.

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