Braves Execute the Gladiators


COVINA, CA — On Friday, March 17, Braves Varsity Badminton beat Gladstone High School on Gladiator territory with a score of 14-7. The Braves remain undefeated with this sixth win of the season.

“Everyone played well in that game,” commented senior varsity member Jialou Chen. “Those who lost tried their best and played their hearts out. Nobody gave up.”

The Braves’ mixed doubles team met some trouble against the Gladiators. Both Mixed Doubles 1 (Kevin Chua and Michelle Del Toro) and Mixed Doubles 2 (Jialou Chen and Shwe Nemyo) did not beat Gladstone’s Mixed Doubles 1. However, they easily defeated Gladstone’s Mixed Doubles 2 while the Braves’ Mixed Doubles 3 (Alan Le and Tuyen Ho) won their own game, starting the Braves with three points.

The Braves dominated in boys’ doubles. Both Boys’ Doubles 1 (Chua and Chen) and Boys’ Doubles 2 (Christopher Lazo and Alan Le) won their four matches. Similarly, the Lady Braves also swept the court. Girls’ Doubles 1 (Del Toro and Cindy Nguyen) and Girls’ Doubles 2 (Tiffany Yu and Sharon Tran) earned four more points for the Braves.

In boys singles, both Braves fought valiantly against the Gladiators. Boys’ Singles 1 (Gabriel Musni) refused to give up during his matches although he ultimately lost against both boys’ singles teams from Gladstone. Boys’ Singles 2 (Bai Rong Lin) met a similar fate with the Gladiators and the Braves failed to earn more points for Baldwin Park in the boys’ singles category.

On the other hand, Baldwin Park’s girls’ singles teams performed at a higher level. Girls’ Singles 1 (Ho) beat both girls’ singles teams from Gladstone while Girls’ Singles 2 (Sophia Nguyen) only won one of her matches. These two Lady Braves earned three more points for the Braves.

At the end of the match, the Braves earned a total score of 14 wins to 7 losses and secured their still undefeated league record.

“Coming to Gladstone, we felt that it’d be a tough game and our thoughts weren’t wrong,” confessed junior C. Nguyen. “However, with such tough opponents, we managed to beat Gladstone with a score of 14-7. We played with persistence and gave it our all even though we made mistakes.”

Braves Varsity Badminton’s next game will be away against Nogales on March 21.

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