One Ticket Per Elective


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Thursday, March 16, Baldwin Park High School hosted the Elective Fair to showcase the variety of electives that underclassmen can join for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

“It gives people an idea on what they can experience and try out while they’re still in high school,” commented BPHS sophomore Jasmine Advincula about how this event could benefit students.

The Elective Fair was held in the gym during two one-hour blocks. The school was divided into four sections and each section was designated a specific elective fair session. Teachers had the chance to send their students to the fair during their designated sessions.

Large groups of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors showed up to learn about what different electives had to offer. A total of 22 electives had booths set up by current students who were enthusiastic and encouraged underclassmen to save a spot on their schedules for that specific elective next year. Some of the most popular classes seemed to be Photography, Drama, and Culinary Arts Academy.

As students walked around the gym, each class had its own way to draw in a crowd. Drama set up a projector and played last year’s musical Bye-Bye Birdie, catching the eyes of many curious students. Orchestra offered performances by a string quartet that played beautiful music. The Entertainment Corps showcased its prestigious trophies and awards.  

“I had a wonderful time performing and representing our school’s orchestra at the fair,” expressed BPHS sophomore Nancy Reyes. “The idea of having an elective fair is such a great way to shed some light onto the extracurricular activities that our school has.”

The Elective Fair offered an engaging way for teachers and current students to reach out to the student body. Teachers had the chance to advertise the perks of taking their classes.  Underclassmen had the ability to learn about all of the offered electives at BPHS in a single time and place. Interested underclassmen who had burning questions also had the opportunity to get answers from knowledgeable sources.

Everyone also seemed to have a great time as they interacted with each other, not only as groups but as students. The music kept the event lively but it was the participation and interaction that made the event fun and exciting. Overall, the Elective Fair was a success and perhaps offered a new tradition that underclassmen can look forward to each year.

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